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When a girl or guy has a slim face and an overweight body and only takes pictures from certain angles giving the false impression of being in shape.
Calvin: Yo how did the date with that online girl do.

Craig: Damn as soon as I saw her I gtfo. Her face said BeyoncΓ© but her body said KFC.

Calvin: Couldn't you tell from her pics?
Craig: Nah she had that Catfish face!
by finntheawesomehuman May 29, 2015
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The face a person acheives after extended use with methanphetamines. It's caused by lack of teeth due to poor hygeine and deterioration due to abusing the meth. The lower jaw closes further than normal and squishes out or flattens the lips and cheeks and the abuser then looks very much like a catfish. Catfish face is often accompanied by bulging or straying eyes from being up way too long.
Neil: Man, Jewelz used to look really cute before she got strung out. Now that she's got catfish face I wouldn't hump her with your penis!

Bob: I know bro, it's sad as hell. Hey, you wanna go fishin'?

Neil: Sure! Let's get some worms and chicken livers!
by Painterfromhell October 22, 2018
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