To make a harsh cry, like a loud, shrill scream.
"Have you ever stopped to wonder / Why they forced my voice / To turn from silence to a caterwaul?"

Taken from the song 'Caterwaul' by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead
by Brian "Larry" Conklin January 7, 2006
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The noise that a female singer makes when on stage.
Guy 1: "What's that horrible sound I hear?"
Guy 2: "It's just Ariana Grande caterwauling."
by Dave the Credible January 18, 2021
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that one guy who comments on the fancifulness of your new living room furniture, and it's view from across the street. he enjoys tap ramen, and meows throughout the night.. in harmony with the scene aesthetics "red rover,"
man, this caterwauler kept me up all night after staring at my couch, pretending to be my cat and asking to play red rover.
by Gabby Eve Reday September 30, 2011
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Women who dress like sluts, go out to the bar or club to find someone to have meaning less sex with.
'Look at that slut over there, she looks like she should be standing on a street corner!'

'Yeah, shes probably Caterwauling.'
by Dragoneyes91 February 27, 2012
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Allowing More than a shrill, less than a shreek. All is well as you read this and we didn't even speak. Miscellaneous words put together to liquate.
One of caterwaul must never run down his pedigree to find his true angle of origin
by hunngrynugryhipo January 17, 2018
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