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A group of guys set up a conveyor belt and defecate on it, preferably with big liquidy shits, they then tie their penis' to the belt so they become covered in the shit, they guy whose cock seems least covered in shit has to suck all the other guys off and clean their cocks of shit, then has the conveyor belt re-routed so all the shit falls into his mouth.
Girl 1: Si your mouth tastes really weird today, I dont want to kiss you any more

Guy 1: Sorry Anisha me and the boys set up an Catalonian Sausage Factory last night, and my cock is so small I couldnt get it fully covered in shit

Girl 1: What the fuck thats sick, i'm dumping you, i wanna date that hot guy you sit next to

Guy 1: Shit man, if only I hadnt agreed ot that Catalonian Sausage Factory... What am i saying, its the best fucking thign ever
by Reverend Pope September 11, 2009
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