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Cat Brandywine (Center for Arts and Technology... Brandywine), is, as it's name suggest, a place where Artist and Nerds gather to consume gratuitous amounts of alcohol. At Cat Brandywine (or CAT for short) one should be prepared for scenes and sights depicting large sweaty men and... artist(?) engaged in sexual relations. Mostly because of the alcohol. But also because of the trees in the area, the trees give off a sort of hypoallergenic hallucinogen euphemism that stops some brain function. If one is considering visiting CAT, it would be wise to park your vehicle nearby (like in Coatesville), otherwise you can expect your preferred method of transportation to be "booted" (tossed into the pits of hell). CAT, though dangerous, can be a place of enjoyment though, with the right sense of humor and a lot of patiences. Oh so much patiences.
I went to CAT everyday as a lad and now I'm gay!

One does not simply walk into Cat Brandywine, one dances.

This one time as CAT I the whole the entire place!

I would take you to CAT, but I would rather not have my car burned in hell.

Going to CAT is like when you use your teeth to clean out the grime under your finger nails. It's just so very attractive and everyone will think you are cool/clean!
by The Man Who Never Was January 09, 2011
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