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Hacky sack using a domestic house cat or Catman
We should find Catman and play some cat sack!
by akidnamedcudi December 29, 2010
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Cat sack is a term that was used between the 1950’s and 1970’s. It was used by elderly people in the place of swearing or cursing.
I dropped a steel plate on my foot and I said cat sack.
by 1970Chevelle January 08, 2018
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when a man loves a women, together, they make a catsack by making love when cats are around.
Lets make a catsack tonight!
by Jasse. November 05, 2008
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"son where's the cat?"

"I turned him into a catsack to hide mom's body in"
by Shitcoaster January 04, 2020
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