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The alias of the infamous Kristie, often found dwelling with boyfriend: Tweak and best friends: Jinx, Jade and Ame.

Remaining the Head Of Files and Records for the mysterious mega-corporation that is the JinxedReverend Corporation.

The perception of the cat biscuit is very widespread. Most would understand it only attacks when attacked itself, there is always a reason for a savage attack by this beautiful specimen.

The cat biscuit can speak a number of primorial languages such as: 'Binary Code', '1337', '$c3n3', 'sTuPiD tEeNaGe gIrL', 'proper high class English' and 'cheap venetian whore'.

Often kept in cages the cat biscuit, sometimes refered to as 'cat biscuit "West"' comes out every now and then to investigate into the disappearance of it's water.

The cat biscuit is a weird and wonderful creature who's existance, along with Jinx, is vital in spreading the good word about the oldest relgion: Paganism.
Mr. Stapler: Did you hear about the sexy head of files and records?

Mrs. Blu-tac: Oh you mean cat biscuit?

Miss. Photocopier: I'd like to nuzzle her goodies.
by The Anti-Scene September 10, 2008
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