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Extra cool, college educated people who are interested in interesting things. They rock a timeless style made up of wardrobe staples like dark jeans, brown leather boots, fitted white v-neck t-shirts and cardigans. The casual american is unique from preps and hipsters and are often misconstrued as pretentious.

Tendencies of a casual american include:
National Geographic reading,
Porch sitting,
ice tea drinking out of mason jars,
loving animals (especially dogs),
listening to good music,
often have tattoos,
Love of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead,
enjoy the arts and science and all things knowledge,
Habitual watchers of Jeopardy,
Judge by intelligence not race,
Frequently dabbles in recreational drug use - but nothing too hard core,
Enjoys nature and all of its beauty,
Simple exterior, complex interior,
hate talking about politics,
enjoy good craft beer as well as a forty
"Be a casual american"

Girl One: "Look at Emilie, she is so pretentious over there reading the Paris Review in her JCrew cardigan."
Girl Two: "And is she smoking a Parliament??"
Girl Three: "She is and she's such a casual american."
by The casual american February 25, 2012
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