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Castleberry Hill is a unique area south of downtown Atlanta, that at one time was mostly industrial, think meat packing plants, supply companies, and heavy industrial. Before industrialization, it was a notorious red light district.

It is located along the railway, with some lofts having the railroad, with active trains, just feet away from the lofts.During the 1980's Castleberry Hill started it's movement towards being the center of true industrial loft developments in Atlanta. The best lofts in Atlanta are found in Castleberry Hill.
It is now a central point for true industrial lofts, art galleries, artists, recording studios, restaraunts and film making. It is a nexus of creativity and vibrancy in Atlanta.There are some incredible loft spaces in Castleberry Hill that can be found no where else in the city.A true gem in the heart of Atlanta.
Castleberry Hill is the epicenter of unique,true loft spaces in Atlanta.
by ATL HO November 09, 2016
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