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The most amazing girl in the whole entire world, if you talk to her, she'll make you laugh in seconds. She makes you smile nonstop, your mouth goes numb from smiling so much. She's different from other girls, in a good way. She's obsessed with lil wayne, has dark brown hair, and is the most beautiful girl in the world. She doesn't agree with any of it, but she's awsome. If you're friends with Cassie Ford, consider yourself lucky ;D
Edward Cullen (-.-) : Damn dude, have you met that girl!? She's fucking AWSOME. I wanna fuck that shit all night. She must be Cassie Ford!
Eric Kasinak: dude..that's my fucking girlfriend.

Girl #1: OMGG she's sooo cool, i love cassie ford she's so fucking awsome.
Girl #2: I know, righttt i wish i was Cassie she's so amazing.
by Jordan Thunder April 17, 2009
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