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Proper: Broken in french

Slang: French kids use it a lot to say that you've been dissed big time, while doing arm gestures.

Became very big after the movie 'Brice de Nice' came out.
by GetWacky November 09, 2006
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She is AMAZING! She is the kindest, sweetest, person you will ever meet. She is the absolute best friend. She can be funny, crazy, and weird, and even a complete psycho at times, but always in the best way. If one enters your life never let her go. EVER! She will be your most treasured possession. She may be slightly Anime crazy, but it is what makes her Casse. And her sense of style is unique and she will surprise you with how she can make anything look good. She is the BEST wife of all time.
Did you see Casse's amazing new haircut?
by KayaPapaya July 23, 2017
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Noun: An Urban and extremely ghetto section of Mahopac. A place were massive amount of drugs are sold.
Adjective: A word meaning top of the line, or second to none.
Casse Hoodrat 1"Yo G-Supp just copped a new 2 door Benz"
Casse Hoodrat 2"Yea i saw that shit, it looks so Casse"
by $amson March 22, 2007
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