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A Male Dominant game that involves selecting poor hookers that are willing to perform any actions for some coin. The men involved constantly wave crisp $20 bills in front of the women to urge them to perform at their best. The sluts are tied down and stripped of any clothing they possess. Each is hooked up to rapid thrusting machine of obscene diameter that will cause great suffering and stretching (little to no lube is used). After one hour of repeated assaults the hookers are then told to walk with a beachball between their legs (waddling) to a pile of cash 50 yards away.
I can wait for the big event tonight down at the state park. I heard there are 20 sluts signed up for cash waddlers!

Wow, my wife just got back from cash waddlers and it looked like there was a bludgeoned gizzard hanging outside her underwear.
by gizzlybear22 December 01, 2009
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