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The act of committing a post birth termination of your infant or small child. The act is best performed by enticing the child into trying out your new chloroform perfume followed by a trunk ride to the park (no car seat needed). Killing the child in a way that can not be determined by advanced medical science and dumping the body in a burlap sack in a wooded area near your home and getting away with it.

Sluts who carry out this type of abortion are nearly always looking at it as a means to get more dick. Without a child the dick to face ratio increases over 91% thus allowing the slut to achieve her ultimate goal of triple penetration.
Amigo 1: I thought that Snookie had a kid.

Amigo 2: Not any more that bitch gave her kid the Casey Anthony Abortion.

Amigo 3: Well, that sounds like a job for the 3 Amigos.
by gbv.3.0 July 06, 2011
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