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A basic fuckboi that drops in on women's DM's here and there just to stay on the bench. Tends to take multiple gym selfies so that people know he works out. Similar to a dudebro and uses phrases words such as shred and bless up. It's common for a Case Cookie to have Justin Bieber hair and wear sun glasses in daylight.
As they're everywhere, a Case Cookie is somewhat easy to sight. The only way to know for sure is to talk to/observe one. Case Cookie's can be heard saying there's not enough alcohol present to get them drunk. When there is enough they often use the excuse that a certain type of alcohol affects them in unforeseeable ways, while purposefully being vague. This is just a way to maintain their fratboi rep.
Case Cookie uploads picture of a healthy meal on social media: Bless up

Cake Cookie: Bro, there's not enough alcohol here to get me turnt.
Person 1: You're in luck bud, I've just picked up a couple bottles of vodka.
Cake Cookie: Oh no, me drinking vodka is a badd idea. This one time at a party...
by Maddawg120 May 24, 2018
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