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A style of singing that extends the vocal range by using the style of South Park character Eric Cartman (Voiced by Trey Parker). This technique is generally employed when the song being performed is out of the natural range of the singer, or when the singer wishes to illicit a laugh from their audience. The easily identifiable traits of this style include, sounding like a fourth grader, and inserting "you guys" at inappropriate moments in the song. Examples include Styx "Come Sail Away" and more recently Lady GaGa "Poker Face".
Barney: Ted, I can't believe you're going to get up and sing "My Heart Will Go On" in front of your date.

Ted: Don't worry, I'm going to sing it Cartsetto, she'll think it's hilarious!

Barney: Right on bro, this is going to legen wait for it dary!
by grgareus February 23, 2010
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