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1.) Weezy F. Baby's weakest album by far! The lyrics were not the best he has ever spewed and the beats were just horrendous. If you listen to this album your ears will bleed. The perfect revenge to anyone who ever done you wrong will be tying them to a chair and playing this album non-stop. I swear it will literally kill them. But if you like music that a 2 year old can compose this may be the album you have been waitng for. Other uses for the Carter III include:

*If ya have unexpected guests over, it makes the perfect drink coasters.

*Have a cat or dog that is not quite house broken yet, never fear Carter III to the rescue. Use it as a pooper scooper, that's right. Use a piece of shit to pick up some shit.
2.) A fake person who is washed up and pretends to be hard when they really are not. Actually these people talk willshitabout you and then duck and dodge a real fight like the pussy punk bitch they are.
1.)Dumb Ass: Hey, Carter 3 is hot, I bought 3 copies!
Smart Individual: Oh that's great. Hey let me borrow one. My cat just shitted on the floor.

2.) Punk Ass Bitch: Just wait. I'ma whoop dat nigga ass. He stepped on my J's.
Real nigga: What you said? Wut you gonna do?
Punk Ass Bitch:(runs off in a hurry)
Real Nigga: Dats wut I thought, ole Carter 3 ass.
by defintion_of_beauty June 17, 2008
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