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What happens to you after you get kidnapped by any of the Latin America cartels.

Usually the act is filmed to be used to intimidate enemy cartels, but at the end it just end up to be a wank material for sociopathic degenerates that frequently flock to gore/shock websites.
There are 11 men with masks and one of them is holding a long machete, and they are holding another guy that has his mouth taped with duct tape. He is about to get carteld.
by ripeyoungling July 20, 2018
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When you unwittingly give your phone number to the Sawdust Cartel and receive prank texts/calls or send unsolicited dic pix to a fuccboi or dried kunt .
Damn son, did you hear about what happened to Angel Roachy? That Bitch got Cartel'd hard
by Jules Winnfield October 22, 2016
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