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Religion founded by a heterosexual 16yr old boy in 2k14. Where you can't have relationships with Females. It follows the same building blocks of Christianity. But however it has a much different perspective. Here's the 8 commandments of Cartayism

1: thou shall not be in a relationship with any kind of female

2: thou shall not have sexual intercorse of any kind with a female

3: thou cannot talk to females in a flirtatious way

4: if alone with a female, speak win spoken to

5: thou shall not gawk at females in public

6: thou shall not take a female on a date alone

7: thou shall never leave a Bro for a female

8: Don't partake on on drugs or alcohol
Male: Bro I'm done with girls, I'm following Cartayism
by Cartayism May 11, 2014
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