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1. Bad Ass Muthafuckers who run the area where wimpy students eat their meals. Are usually the most talented kids on campus, with expertise in many areas such as, cooking, supervising, bussing, keeping away from the bitch by the name of "Jaime" and most importantly drinking 'till 2 hours before works starts.

2. A person who hooks up and/or evenutally dates another one of their fellow employees. Usually initiated by sex,drugs, alcohol, at a carrillo party.
1. Damn! That Carrillo worker be lookin' fine! Hmm... I wonder how much they be gettin' paid... they must be pimpin'.

2. Hey since I am a carrillo worker, I will desperately go find another carrillo worker to love and love me at a carrillo party.
by Diss Cris February 23, 2009
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