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Studio City's public elementary school that functions pretty much as a private school. There is a long waiting list,and many families move within a 2 mile radius in order to send their children here. A student at Carpenter will find themselves connected to 99% of the valley's under 20 population all throught their school years, creating an endless network of acquaintances. This is the puplic school for generally private school bred children. Although the school went down hill after numerous principal changes after 2000, it is still favored amongst studio city families. If you're in the valley, and you didn't go to Carpenter, you probably went to Colfax or some little private school noboby has heard of.
oh my god i know you! wait, did you go to carpenter?

Oh yeah I know him, he was 2 grades ahead of me at Carpenter.

I've known him since we were like 5 from Carpenter.

Were you in am or pm kindergarten?
by xox March 06, 2005
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