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The state of pure excess. When you have gone far beyond being drunk, crunk, stoned and blazed and have become straight up toxic--you are carny'd.

To reach carny'd, you need to fully embrace the spirit of a carnival worker. You wake up at noon, use your one remaining tooth to puncture an air hole in your Pabst so you can properly shotgun it. Hose vomit off the tilt-a-whirl while taking meth and Draino. Then when your shift ends, the real party begins. You wake up beside the bearded lady with a broken arm, smelling like moldy cabbage and have no idea how you got there.
Man, I just knocked back an Everclear/Rat Poison/Toothpaste cocktail and I can't feel my legs--I am so carny'd!
by KillaTON February 27, 2009
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