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Someone that sets up a video or posts on a forum that portrays a fictional or stereotypical opinion or character to trick other trolls into trolling them. Once a sufficient number of trolls have trolled the video or post, it is revealed that it was actually made up and the creator feasts on the helpless trolls.
troll #1: Hey did you see that retarded kid on that youtube video?? I trolled him sooo good!

troll #2: Dude, you do realise he was only faking it, right? He's not actually retarded...

troll #1: What a carnivore troll...

troll #3: Hey everyone: I HATE GAY PEOPLE.

troll #4: Amen to that, brother! I'm gonna go tell my 4 wives to spread the word!

troll #3: Not cool dude, gay people deserve respect.

troll #4: Damn carnivore Troll...
by horseyhorseydurr November 08, 2010
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