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A person who eats meat but not fish. The opposite of a pescatarian.

Carnitarian myths:
Myth: You will mess up your brain without fish!
Truth: There are plenty of non-fish sources of Omega 3. Some would argue that flaxseed oil is worse since it is not DHA, but our bodies can convert non-DHA omegas to DHA. Flax also has the added benefit of being mercury free.

Myth: Countries that eat fish are smarter!
Truth: Lets look at the statistics. USA is about 30th place worldwide for math, and Germany is twelfth. (Source: Business Insider) Yet Germany has a LOWER per-capita fish consumption. (Source: UN)

Myth: But you haven't tried THIS fish!
Truth: If I hit my hand on a glass wall, and then hit my hand on a concrete wall, would I have to hit my hand on a stone wall to see whether I like it or hate it?

Myth: Fish is lean protein, with no cholesterol!
Truth: Fish has cholesterol. If you want some lean protein, try some beans.

People have such double standards. They have no problem with vegetarianism or gluten-free diets, yet they make fun of people who don't eat fish. One is "an alternative diet", while the other is "immature picky eating" in the minds of fish eaters.
Many Americans are carnitarians.

Carnitarian: Fish doesn't deserve to be called protein. It is practically a veggie. It smells worse going in than it does coming out.
by Urine Corporation July 21, 2014
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