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Uber realitywhore. Has whored herself out to well over a dozen reality TV shows, several talk shows as well. Talks about intensely private things and even includes her small children in her desperation for money/attention. Will stop at nothing to not have to have a real job. A woman who will go on any reality show and/or talk show to become and/or stay famous. Someone who will do and say anything on television or through the media to achieve fame and/or keep themselves relevant. Pseudoceleb. Famewhore. Someone whose glory days have faded, who is desperate to cling onto whatever fame/attention they can get. She lived too high when famous and is now desperate to maintain that lifestyle, even if it includes making a sad spectacle of herself in the process. Surgery queen, has had numerous procedures in an attempt to gain attention and sustain it.
Wow, Lisa Rinna is really trying to go full Carnie Wilson huh? Another reality show and/or surgery and its a lock.
by angelofdevs June 13, 2013
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