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An unaffiliated, Jewish School in Greenwich, CT. Formerly known as WFHA, they changed the name in the middle of the year after receiving a 10 million dollar grant. This grant was used to fund many important things, such as computer programs like Kidspiration and Gimp (?). At "CA," you will not learn geography, nor grammer. You may read an average of 2.5 books a year, along with an average of 9 movies. You get to show your individuality with collared shirts in every color (solid, of course), and khakis in black, navy, brown, olive, grey, and purple (?). You can make many friends at Carmel, everyone in your grade (avg=15) is super nice, and accepting, even your teachers will be your friends! The average sentence you hear a student say at Carmel is, "Man, I love this school!" and for teachers, it's, "Where's your kippah? Your head looks cold." COME TO CARMEL WOOOHOOOO GO EAGLES!!!! OOPS HAWKS YAYY GO HAWKS!
Jacob: Hey, did you make the Carmel Academy basketball team?

Rebecca: What kind of question is that? I didn't even need to sign up, they begged me to!

Jacob: But, you've only played once in your life...?

Rebecca: Does it really matter? We just need enough "players!"
by superjew123456789 September 04, 2012
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