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Awesomeness that may kill you if you don't have enough awesome points.

-This person is funny,smart,loud,but also extremely shy at times.

-Gets easily angry at times and is very loud and scary once they're really angry. (Throws stuff,yells,and their voice gets very deep)
-will try everything once because they're crazy and just wanna have fun.

-An ideal friend but if you lie or betray them once watch out because they despise betrayel and dishonesty the most.

- This person has a devil may care attitude but is a real marshmallow at heart.

- LOVES food,three hour sex ,making jokes ,and just having talks or partying with friends.
Random dude: "Wanna go play videogames and get wasted?"
A Carmary:"F*ck yeah man"

Example:Carmary is one crazy mofo!We had a great time last night at the party. Carmary was so funny! The life is the party!
by my handle June 26, 2014
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