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Sexy 80 year old grandmother with tight gluets and a large cliteral hood. she enjoys riding stiff falice and at times uses one's testicles as a trampoline. she is fond of hard cock in her colon and loves the feeling of David or Paul's semen in there. When aroused, carla will go senile and sing jingle bells in dog language and goes on to grope you which then leads into a sex marathon, which is quite the remenisent of hardcore porn. if you would like to see this piece of ass on tape, search senile on
Hey, carla! stop using your mudflaps to cook eggs for ruckus.

Oooooooh carla!

I get tazz, and ruckus. Halle and melanie. sue, and charles. CARLA, AND SENILE!

Carla sowards is always on my balls.
by DkP_Senile July 09, 2012
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