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Polish slang for "ginger kid".

A tiny boy with red hair,freckles and a huge smile on.
commonly made fun of at the schoolyard,and pushed around alot.

often prone to mental illness at an adult age.

derived from the polish hit musical

"Dwa spory damski,jeden papuzi taj Carl-Fredrick"
by polish writer/actress Lyubov Polishchuk.
a musical about a collective of two women whom needs a third to pay rent.gets a man named Carl-Fredrick.and after discovering his negative side,tries in a numerous funny ways to get rid of no avail.

Carl-Fredrick is also often shorted down to Carlyfonz wich is synonymous with a place behind the outhouse,held of as a quick piss stop.
dude 1: what is the matter with me?I cant seem to get any ladyfriends.

dude 2:offcause not yo foo!yo is a carl-fredrick,Carl-Fredricks getz no poon!


girl 1:haha look at that fool.

girl 2:yeah,he is a redhaired,uglyass,Carl-Fredrick,thats for sure!

Marianne:"it seems this,Carl-Fredrick is in our lives,to stay(drop beat)"
by -The Hot Dog December 15, 2009
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