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The popular 'Caring Face' expression is used when one wants to insult another by illustrating their apathy towards another's problems.

Usually when one performs the expression a finger is raised, pointing towards their face, which is arranged into a completely emotionless state.

However, for entertainment purposes, to make the other person feel worse or just simply to further heighten the effects, one's face can be arranged like a 6-year-old Down Syndrome boy's face when he spots candy on a shelf (this technique was popularized by Paul 'Oh Puh Kick' Barta in the days of Bally).

However, one should be aware that the 'Caring Face' expression should only be performed towards head-doers, and should not be performed amongst friends.

The act alone can also be accompanied by saying "Caring Face", "Care But" in a long, drawn-out fashion, or simply asking the person "Do you want to see my caring face?"
Greg Downey: I got fired from Domino's the other day.
Marko: Caring face!

EP: Ziggy isn't keen for my loose flaps anymore, and my titty implants got dislodged. They travelled down to my pelvis so now I look like a fucking martian.
Paul: Caaaaaaaaaaare Buuuuuut!

Spiv: Ehhh, dodgy boys, dodgy. I showed my Caring Face to Smoh Ah when she said she couldn't handle my dodgy wang anymore, ehhhhh!

Dan Woodhouse: Boys I can't shout Maccas tonight, I've got no money.
Paul/Marko: Do you want to see my caring face?
by M Leonidas November 22, 2009
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