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The most amazing and beautiful girl in the world. When she walks by men fall at her feet. She's so sweet and humble, that she is totally oblivious to her stunning beauty and to the sound of hearts breaking as she walks by. A Cari Jo is one of a kind. Unlike any other, she'll be next to you through anything. Always understanding, open-minded and forgiving. Impossible to hate because she's so full of love. Just seeing her smile will brighten your day. She'll wipe away any amount of tears and do anything to make you happy. The most caring person you will ever meet. People want to be her because she makes life look so easy. She's so elegant and classy. She brightens every room she walks into. The world needs more people like Cari Jo. She is one in a million. Best friend in the world. Loving you from any place in the world.
If only I were half as good at that as Cari Jo.
by KelsRae March 05, 2010
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