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N: 1) A person who has been attractive for the majority of their lives, which in turn has made their lives easier.
2) A female who's job resume consists ONLY of positions based on her looks, not skill set. Ex: cocktail waitress, bartender, promo model, model, and/or any other position only given to her because she is pretty.

3) A female who fails to develop life skills because she has never had the need for them, because she is attractive.
"Heather cannot work a full time job, she has no skill set or work ethic. She's just a career cutie."

"She's a 38 year old bartender because she has no direction in life. Her looks are fading and that's all she has. She is a career cutie."

"I cannot introduce her to my mother, she has no qualities other than being a career cutie."

"Career cuties have an expiration date."

"The market is saturated with career cuties."
by stone814105 March 27, 2013
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