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An overly obese person who consumes so many carbs that when they wear a bathing suit it dissapears under their folds of fat, commonly on women, but in some cases, can be seen with men. Their diet consists of everything they can get there fat pugy fingers on. Mainly their entire fridge. Super markets love themcause their constantly restocking their almost always empty fridges.

You can feel one coming up the street because of the miniature tremmors felt underfoot, and is almost a sure sign one is coming.

If its to late to get out of the way, you will be caught in the jelly rolls, and never seen again
OMG when jina put her bathing suit on it dissapeared!

1.Do you hear the ground shaking?

2.Yes we have to get out of here a carbwhore is coming!
by Malant May 07, 2009
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