Slang for firearm(s).
MORGAN then sent a message that said, “Dam. Ok thank you. We got a stichuation with waylons girl and need some one to take car parts from sac to red bluff or half way.” Based on the text message exchange, I believe when MORGAN told the user of TT6314 that “We” had a situation with “waylons girl”, MORGAN was relaying that the AB was dealing with a situation involving W.P.’s girlfriend. Additionally, I know criminals use innocuous words to hide criminal activity. In this instance, I believe MORGAN used the term “car parts” to represent “guns”.

USA v. Bash Criminal Complaint, November 17, 2020
by ZXY&ABC December 3, 2020
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A car that is in non-driving condition that exactly or closely matches the specifications of a running or non-running car. As the name suggests, the parts car provides matching parts to the project car.
I went to go buy a new parts car the other day for my project Camaro.
by Stan Marshal October 16, 2017
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