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Something you do on Multi Theft Auto, SA:MP, etc. Is a banned practice by most of the servers due to the fact that people are just too lazy to find a way to appropriately deal with people trying to run them over. When people do get run over the one who got plastered will usually curse and swear and whine about how they got "car killed" especially the more inmature/n00b players. Is part of the concept of Grand Theft Auto and shouldnt be an issue but unfortuantely it is.
Lukey got car killed he cursed and swore at John and was promptly kicked from the server.

Jonny did not like the no car killing rule and when someone came to run him over he jumped on the car and smashed it up with his baseball bat causing it to catch fire.

Zohib jumped out of the way of the car speeding at him and escaped into an alley were the driver could not get him.
by potpie89 November 22, 2009
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