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A game popularly played in Falmouth and Woods Hole, Massachusetts by high school kids. The origins of Car Frisbee can be traced back to Native Americans. One particular event tells of the Wampanoag tribe, of Mashpee forcing English pilgrims to play for their lives.

Angry locals as well as tourists who have become targets of car Frisbee players have been known to react violently. Similarly to a "road rage" reaction.

Instructions: Play Frisbee with friends near a crowded road and hit car with your disc "accidentally".

Point System: 5 points for the act itself

2 points for in-state license plates

5 points for out-of-state plates

15 points if disc is thrown while standing on "The Wall"

10 points for Texas plates

30 points for police car

25 points for broken window (includes cracked)

20 points for dent or scratch visible from 30 feet (10 meters)

7 points if driver is a student-driver

-5 points if car is a commercial vehicle

-5 points if car is parked

-10 points if car is parked with no one inside
I played Car Frisbee and got a mad high score, but the dude got out and hit me with a bat.
by wasonceawallrat January 28, 2010
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