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Hero of the Soviet Union!

Captain Vostrikov was the commander of the Soviet submarine K-19. He raced against time to prevent a Chernobyl-like nuclear disaster which threatened not only the lives of his crew, but had the potential to ignite a world war between the super powers.
Captain Polenin: Lieutenant Yashim is the best reactor officer in the navy. He's never been drunk on duty before. We need him Captain, I urge you to reconsider.

Captain Vostrikov: I want this boat out of dry dock. Sea trials begin in 2 weeks.

Captain Polenin: The boat isn't ready Captain. The problem is Moscow. They organize party V.I.P tours, but were stuck with incompetent yard crews and deffective parts.

Captain Vostrikov: Sea trials will begin as schedualed. We deliver, or we drown.
by Comrade Karl April 07, 2005
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