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a Louisiana public high school, featuring daily doses of fights, pot, sex, etc. The teachers here range from "I like her ok" to "I fucking hate her". The students range from "total BFF forever" to "fucking choke.". The actual school itself is marked with classy graffiti such as "I beleave in you" and posters for plays that students mainly attend for the bonus points teachers pass out. The sport teams are decent enough, same as the cheerleaders. It also features two main groups of students. The kind who pull out a box of pizza during a history lecture, or the kind who honestly is really smart and excels but should probably transfer to Magnet. This school does feature a large campus, however, in which you have to fucking sprint to make it to your class on time. But, in the end, its probably the most laid back school you'll ever see.
"Dude what high school are you going to?"
"Captain Shreve"

"...good fucking luck"
by shrugslummer February 02, 2018
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