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He cannot be described in the English language... or any language for that matter.

There are no words that are capable of stating his: brilliance, ridiculously handsome features, personality, sense of humour, and his heart.

However, even with this "Superman" like description, the man has a problem to fall... and fall hard.

He could possibly be the greatest being to ever walk the face of the earth, and with millions (billions when he meets the rest) of girls out there all lining up for his recognition, he seems to always choose the "wrong" one... The taken one.

Even this Captain, whom owns a purple boat, has a weakness for the girls who have boyfriends. And it's these girls who are his kryptonite... At the moment, the "kryptonite" can be found in his other Captain of this purple boat who he shares it with.

The only difference between Captain Fred and Superman is... Superman got the girl.
Girl A: Who's hotter; Edward Cullen or Jacob Black ?
Girl B: Captain Fred.

Boy A: What's that new Superman movie called ?
Girl C: You mean the one with the smoking hot perfect guy... Myles Best ? Or the other smoking hot perfect guy... Captain Fred ?

Boy B: We're all human, and nobody is perfect...
Captain Fred: You clearly haven't met my other Captain.
by ThatWhippedGuy December 26, 2009
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