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You know those women who wear their pants so high that they get a camel toe? Thats right! They have the power to look and act repulsive!!!! Their love handles stick out so when they wadle near you, you get slam hogged in the face.
Katie: "Eww look!"
James: "What?"
Katie: "Captain Camel toe is in town!"
James: "Flaps ahoy!"
Katie: "Hahahaha!"
James: "hehehe!"
by Katie Kolosiekago May 07, 2007
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A name for a really stupid kid. Origin: a stupid kid who thought people were talking about him behind his back. They were actually talking about the term 'cameltoe'. The phrase Captain Cameltoe came into existence.
That kid is such a Captain Cameltoe.
Dude, did you see what Captain Cameltoe did last night? Sooo stupid.
by StrongMan538 May 25, 2010
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