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Capree's are normally really hot woman. They have smoking bodies and are drop-dread gorgeous. They are also very sweet, and make amazingly supportive, perfect girlfriends, not to mention a hot body! They are completely adorable, but often get mistreated or understood by men. There hot body often make them very attractive, and most are blonde and complete sweeties.
All boys want a Capree , because they are are so fucking sexy.
Tommy: That girl is so sexy, she is such a Capree
tyler: Yeah, i really wanna fuck her
tommy: Nah, I want her as my girlfriend
tyler: you will have to fight me first
by franktheturtle October 12, 2009
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Caprees is a name to a beautiful young girl who has a one of a kind personality. She is a one in a million girl who is very unique. Words can not describe this young girl. Numbers can not rate her as she is not rateable. Not many people have the name "Caprees" as it is only given to a certain somebody who has unlimited strength and has a very kind hearted soul. Many people probably don't say it, but she looks absolutely amazing without makeup.
Caprees, you are one amazing and one of a kind girl :)
by horse feeder March 14, 2012
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