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the uppermost social class in Massachusetts composed of the smug and snobbish uppers crust of Boston and her suburbs –although including other satisfyingly haughty New Englanders –who summer on the shores of Cape Cod or the Islands. Members of the capecodcracy, known colloquially to as capecoddercrats, should not be confused with locals who can often be indistinguishable in the summertime, but remain on the Cape throughout the winter pursuing working class employment and living in drug-addled isolation. Furthermore, capecoddercrats should not be confused with tourists, who –often overweight and boisterous –drive hours to spend a day at the beach or rent homes for a week in order to emulate the genteel practices of the capecodcracy. For members of the capecodcracy, inclinations towards sailing, boating, or golf are common and habitual binge drinking is required. The most notable members of the capecodcracy are the Kennedys.
tourist: I'm on Cape Cod for a week , I should learn to sail so that i can cozy up to the capecodcracy.

local: Don't bother they're not real Cape Codders.

capecoddercrat: Yes we are!
by massholeman January 05, 2012
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