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Cantyn is a beautiful, funny, smart, kind and loving girl who is very protective of friends,family,and boyfriends. Cantyn is can take a joke she is tough person in general. But if you cross her you better run she dosen't play! You'd be lucky to get to know her though because when you get to know her you fall in love with her and never want to lose her. She is a loving person to all friends and to people who are more than that, but boys watch out if you say anything about her body she will freak even if she plays it cool it pisses her off big time. Also I wouldn't let her see you hanging out with other girls she gets really jealous when it comes to people she loves/likes.

If you're lucky enough to know a Cantyn never let her go because once you get to know her you fall in love with her and its impossible to fall out of love with her.
Guy:1- I think I like Cantyn
Guy:2- But I like her!
by Caylee Nelson July 13, 2019
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A guy with a nice heart. Loves dogs ! Usually owns at least 1 game system . Irish man who can be nice but can be sarcastic at times. He claims to have a big booty but probably doesn't lol
That cantyn is the real deal!
by Jenna foxy September 22, 2016
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