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Canton is a rural town, incorporated in 1806, in Hartford County, Connecticut. Running through it is the Farmington River. The town has a total area of 25.0 square miles, 24.6 miles of it is land and the occupants in it would consider it %100 of it ballin. DOUBTFUL. This is a small town where MOST, not all but MOST girls have all had sexual relations with the same guys... if not at the same time. The few girls that dont fit in this category usually wont admit that they are from this town. Typically one who resides in canton has nothing better to do then party at the local Mobile Gas Station or some sort of trashy wannabe thugs run down dirty home " ie: every guy". For fun in canton you can enjoy going to the classy bar, The HUB where the people who occupy the bar have lived in canton their whole lives and don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

The only cool thing about canton is when anyone not from canton, graces them with their presence passing through. In Canton you can also find Mills Pond, where many recreational activities are held such as a skate park, pool, basketball, and after hours activities that many parents wouldnt approve of. Cantonites may have you convinced that there's only nice property there, but dont let them fool you, located in the dead center, there is a low income houseing project, that many refer to as GlenHood.

You can usually classify the youth of canton in 2 categories

1. hippy

2. wanna be "thugz" or gangsters

Whether a dirty hippy or a gangster wannabe; who wears a low fitted cap, obnoxiously to one side, you can count on the fact that they will tell you they are hardcore drug dealers and can always get you "the good shit."

When passing through canton and you see an African American the first question that usually comes to mind is "Since when does canton have black people." One would think we lived in the 21st century?

The town includes the villages of North Canton, Canton Center, Canton (Canton Valley), and Collinsville. A cantonite will also try to inform you that Collinsville is the ghetto, but many would consider Canton a grimy place to live in general, due to the lack of practice of "safe sex."

When one who doesnt hail from Canton asks why Cantonians seem to have a few "screws loose" the usual expression is "It's in the water."

If you ever find yourself about to get into a "rumble" with someone from canton, expect them to rip their shirt off and bang their chest, be forewarned that they will threaten you by telling you they're going to have their "boys" or "crew" come down and show you who's boss.

The phrase, "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" is used very commonly and you can even see it printed across their shirts. Again....we'll let them think they're a big deal.

They will tell you that Nepaug soley belongs to Canton.

If you are from Canton dont be surprised to find out that you are somehow closely or distantly related to your current boyfriend or girlfriend.
"Dude, I just found out that i banged my 3rd cousin in Canton, CT."

"Whats going on for tonight in Canton, CT?"
"I don't know, lets just roll through mobile to see who's outside."
by Ijustscrewedmycousin September 24, 2009
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