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The way a Canadian pronounces or spells English words compared to the way an American would typically pronounce or spell the same English word. Also can refer to sayings or words only known to other Canadians.
Different descriptions for same item - Canglish vs. American:
Elastic = rubber band
Washroom = restroom
Bank Machine = ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)

Different spelling same word -
Canglish vs. American:
Colour = color
Honour = honor
Harbour = harbor
Humour = humor
Cheque = bank check

Unique words:
Touque (pronounced too-k) = knit hat/cap.
Snarky = being bitchy towards someone with a hint of sarcasim and humor.
Donair = gyro
Chicken balls = Chinese sweet and sour chicken.
The letter "Z" pronounced Zed = Zee.
"Double-Double" = coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar.
by Sarah Merrill Townsend June 08, 2005
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