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Also, Crevice Cut; a cut on your tongue or lip from candy canes, lollipops, and hard candy that developed a thin sharp crevice. The crevice is created by natural holes in the candy that is developed in the cooking process, then thinned out by sucking the candy until there is a partial opening into the hole that tapers into a "v" shape. The tongue, usually a tastebud, slides into the crevice, then upward into the razor sharp edges. This usually causes your tongue to bleed all over your candy, leaving a sweet metallic taste in your mouth.
This candy is so delici....OW!...blast it! I just got a candy crevice cut, and now my tongue is bleeding!!"

"Hey dude! Enjoying that lollipop? Because a candy crevice cut has turned your lemon lollipop red! Ha!"

"I'm not eating another candy cane any time soon! I'm still recovering from a candy crevice cut from the last candy cane I ate! It took out an entire taste bud!"
by Cravicky November 22, 2012
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