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A Japanese Arcade cabinet. They are white or light colored,mostly sitdown,and have a coin slot on the control panel unlike the American cabinets,which has a coin door on the front. They are made of metal and plastic, the only ones that are made of wood are the older ones in the 80's. In Japan, most arcades are in a row right next to each other. American arcade machines use more room and you have to stand up compared to sitting on a chair or bench.

The typical candy cab has bright Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons with matching ball tops and have Japanese writing on most of the front instruction area. Most common size arcade monitors(most can be rotated) are 29",25",26" and sometimes 33" and larger if its a sitdown showcase cabinet. The popular type of candy cabs in Japan are shmups and fighting. Arcade collectors usually collect one or more cabinets and play it as is or use it for Mame/emulators.

A list of Japanese arcade cabinets:

Sega Astro City- released in 1993
Sega Blast City- released in 1996
New Sega Astro City- released in 1995
Sega Astro City II- released in 1997
Sega Naomi Deluxe Universal- released in 2005
Sega Lindbergh Universal- released in 2007
Konami Windy- released in 1996
Konami Windy II- released in 1998
Konami Domy Theater 50- released in 1996
Namco Cyber Lead- released in 1997
Namco Cyber Lead II- released in 2000
SNK Super Neo 29-released in 1997
SNK Neo 19-released in 1993
SNK Neo 29-released in 1993
Taito Canary- released in 1991
Taito Erget 29- released in 1994
Taito Erget II- released in 1996
Taito Erget 3- released in 2003
"I love the look of the Sega Astro City Cabinets."

"Candy cabs are fun to play on and the buttons align with your fingers."

"Shmups are incredible and look best on a candy cabinet."
by DH85 August 12, 2009
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