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This is a very complex explanation so bear with me if you decide to read it. First off few souls have ever heard of or experienced this vile act. The Candy land Compendium is a collection of sexual acts committed in succession to generate the final effect of the sexual partner looking as though they are covered in candy. It usually starts off with a black male candy cock with an abnormally large licorice stick, finding a really delectable candy crotch of the Indian race. He then takes her out for an Ice cream cone and bone. During the bone session is when the real oddities begin. She starts off with a gumjob and a sundae special for approximately 4 minutes. Things begin to get interesting with the Strawberry Sanchez with sprinkles along with a candy apple steamer which will take another 4 minutes. The male should not use all of his shit in the candy apple steamer because he will need a lot of it for the events to come. The female shall then proceed to insert a family size snickers bar into her vagina to execute a Candy cunt fucker. With his leftover shit he will does his best to complete the difficult Chocolate Anal Cone, Chocolate bandit mask, chocolate brownie a la mode. If does not have enough shit which most people will not, he can use a previously made stash which will of course be micro- waved before application. If he forgets to make a stash there is always the backup option of asking for the female’s excrement. On the occasion that they even have excess shit after these events it is always good to finish off with a fudge brownie explosion to reach the highest orgasmic state. The partners can then enjoy a combination of caramel bubbles and cookie monster surprise. To end in stylish and flamboyant fashion, they will both will dress up in piñata outfits and fill each others piñata suits with as much candy as possible. Then they will beat each other with wooden bats until their piñata suits break or they die. If one person dies the living person must pour chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and m and m’s over the dead person’s body and eat all their candy and the person they killed.
kid: Hey dad I was wondering if candy land is a real place.

Dad: Yes son, but it's a bad place. Your mother died there from an unexpected Candlyand Compendium.
by Wilmot West February 23, 2008
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