A fictional television show airing on channel 58 at 4:00pm back in the early 1970's.

It was about a young girl who imagined herself to be friends with pirates. In reality, the pirates were marionette puppets. The ship was called the Laughingstock. The pirates included, but are not limited to, Pirate Percy, The Skin-Taker and Horace the Horrible.

The show only ran for a few months after it disapeared without any warning. The final episode was random shots of the puppets screaming and the young girl crying. It did not have a plot line.

In reality, the children who watched the show would actually tune their televisions to static and watch dead air for 30 minutes. The show could only be seen by children and their parents believed they were using their imagination to view a show called Candle Cove.

The show is a creepypasta and was written by Kris Straub. It is told through 4 people on a fake chat forum talking about a television show they used to watch when they were children.

The story and television show are completley fictional; Do not let people tell you they've viewed the show or that it is true for it is not real.

A fake video of the last episode of Candle Cove can be viewed on Youtube.

The story can be read by googling 'Candle Cove'
Candle Cove is not, nor never was, a real television show.
by ohsnapitzzhannah June 22, 2011