A cancel vulture is a person who engages in cancel culture. They’re “vultures” as they watch and see for anything offensive made usually by a celebrity several years ago. They then spread this information to their peers and others who engage in cancel culture. These people are usually insecure and lifeless people who want to be a “hero” because they don’t do any real good in this world. They themselves are likely insecure about past mistakes and things they’ve said before, and they want to take it out on others. Or they’re just “woke” virtue signallers. They almost all come from Twitter which is already a total cesspool. These people can’t accept or learn that people change and possibly don’t hold the same views forever.
Jimmy: Hey Tom look, Carl found that (random celebrity) said something racist 9 years ago on Twitter and is now asking people to cancel them
Tom: Damn, Carl is such a Cancel Vulture
by Salamander_Man August 8, 2020
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