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Canadian Patriotism is a special type of Patriotism that focuses solely on two things:

1. Being Not-Americans. (Being Not-British was also once a part of being Canadian, but has since faded over the decades)
Not-Americans are generally chauvinistic towards Americans, and will explicitly show its people of Not-Americans how stupid Americans are.
In reverse, Not-Americans will show their hypocrisy by attacking any American that bashes Not-America. They will call Americans patriotic whores, among other racial slurs. They will then hide behind their wall of stereotyped innocence.

2. Blowing every one of Canada's accomplishments out of proportion.
That includes: everything that the British army did before Canada was autonomous, every invention made by someone of another country residing in Canada at the time, and every celebrity that was born in Canada, but resides in America. (See Joshua Jackson.)
Common subjects are as follows:
- "Canadians" (British) burned the White House down in 1812.
- The fact that Canadian beer has a higher alcohol percentage than American.
- One of the largest freestanding structures.
- Record for most gold medals at home.
- Every game that Canada invented that America hijacked and made better.
- Canada's the second largest landmass.

In addition to those two, Canadian Patriotism means consciously believing in the diverse country that is Canada, and partaking in the extremely satirical Canadian humour.
"Canadian Patriotism" is clear when looking at the comments on Canadian songs on Youtube. The highest rated comments are usually the most chauvinist and hypocritical.
by The_Exuberant_Face January 30, 2011
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