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1. A scatological sex act. The giver defecates onto (solid) or into (liquid) his or her lovers nose. Rumored to be a favorite among the many sexual deviants that inhabit the great white north

2. A practical joke. A person who is passed out or deep in sleep is given a Canadian Curd Bucket by rubbing fecal matter into their nostrils. This results in an ever-present and overwhelming odor perceptible only to the recipient. If done properly the recipient will be only be able to smell and taste feces for days.
Chad: He Steve what did you do while you were in Edmonton?
Steve: I watched a Vietnamese whore give a guy a Canadian Curd Bucket at a peep show. It was the best!

Chris: Everywhere I go today stinks like shit!
Will: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I gave you a Canadian Curd Bucket while you were passed out.
by Patient zero January 23, 2007
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